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GardenHome Farm

We are GardenHome Farm, a multi-faceted farm featuring grass fed beef, pastured eggs, and goat milk for pets or crafts in the beautiful Skagit Valley of northwestern Washington.

We also raise and sell registered Highland Cattle, and registered Saanen and Oberhasli dairy goats.

We raise our animals naturally and holistically.  Americans want a healthy source of food and as a small family farm we are committed to providing our customers with only the best quality possible.



Here comes winter- bring it on.  Most of our major summer projects are done and all our animals are snug in their prepared winter quarters.  Breeding is complete and with the addition of several new bucks we are very excited. It is always fun to plan next years baby crop.  The goat breeding list is now up and current so go take a look.  Our cow herd is the largest it’s ever been with the addition of 6 new calves this year, now we just need to grow them well over the winter.  Our new baby barn is doing winter duty as buck housing and a new wing off of our junior barn means the main milking herd has a larger loafing area for winter and the juniors are actually on the other side of the wall in the lean-to.  We are planning another litter of puppies next spring. So stay tuned.  In the mean time we have worked hard and now we are looking forward to a little slower pace for a few months. 




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