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GardenHome Farm

We are GardenHome Farm, a multi-faceted farm featuring grass fed beef, pastured eggs, and goat milk for pets or crafts in the beautiful Skagit Valley of northwestern Washington.

We also raise and sell registered Highland Cattle, registered Boer goats, and registered Saanen and Oberhasli dairy goats.

We raise our animals naturally and holistically.  Americans want a healthy source of food and as a small family farm we are committed to providing our customers with only the best quality possible.



The rush is ON!  Baby goats followed by baby chicks followed by baby kittens followed by baby puppies followed finally by baby cows. We are quite busy this time of year keeping up with all the critters.  On top of that we have milking to do, farm chores and projects and the suddenly chest high grass to stay ahead of and make hay out of.  Show season is also upon us not to mention graduations and job seeking of our young adults.  Soon berry picking and canning will be here and all the activity of summer on a farm.  Zoom!

All of our baby goats are now spoken for as is this year’s beef and chicken.  Puppies are available and you can learn more about them on our puppy page or just go there to look at them as they grow.  Enjoy.




17198 * Dunbar Rd * Mt.Vernon * WA * 98273 *360-424-4112