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GardenHome Farm

We are GardenHome Farm, a multi-faceted farm featuring grass fed beef, pastured eggs, and goat milk for pets or crafts in the beautiful Skagit Valley of northwestern Washington.

We also raise and sell registered Highland Cattle, registered Boer goats, and registered Saanen and Oberhasli dairy goats.

We raise our animals naturally and holistically.  Americans want a healthy source of food and as a small family farm we are committed to providing our customers with only the best quality possible.



The last part of summer finds us busy trying to complete some important projects that will make life in winter for our animals more comfortable.  We are finally done with babies as the last of our puppies have now found new homes.  We have had very little rain this summer and yet our pastures are still green and lush as the many years of intensive grazing that we have done with our cows has paid off.  Breeding season is around the corner for our goats and the cows already have a bull in with them.  It is always exciting to plan next years baby crop.  With our whole family under one roof we are trying hard to get lots of projects done before they all fly the coop. I look forward to winter’s rest- but not now.  Not yet.




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